Kevin Cook Austin is blogger and writer. This is a guest post by him:

facebook-fan-page-app-development1Like it or not, Facebook is the social media giant that you cannot ignore. Being a global platform, this social media site offers you the perfect opportunity to promote your business to the target audience. However, in order to reach a broader network of consumers, you would need to create a popular business page or profile. And you cannot make that happen unless you know your way around Facebook marketing. Since the social media site keeps changing its news feed algorithm, it makes organic reach much more difficult for brands. But there are ways to ensure greater success with strategized marketing tactics. Here are 5 of the most popular tips for you to try:

Keep the ads conversational:

Ads are one of the most effective ways to connect with the audience. If you haven’t yet tried Facebook advertising, it is time you give it a go. You can choose from an array of different packages. You need to pick one based on your budget and advertising needs. First sketch a plan of how many ads you want to post every day, and then calculate the costs. Once you are all set, design your ads in a way that appeals to your audience. Keep the content and the tone conversational so that your audience can relate to it, and feels intrigued to like, comment or share.

Pay attention to the fonts you use in the images:

Using images in your posts is always a good idea. A visually appealing image with a message on it is much more engaging than a drab and dull status update. But if you want to add a bit of oomph to the image, try a combination of interesting fonts for the message section. Research on the most popular fonts, and then try different combinations. See which one fits the tone of the message and the overall look of the image. There is a host of free web fonts that you can check out. However, if you want to take it to the next level, you can even buy fonts or get some designed!

Publish content that is evergreen:

There are different factors that determine the lifespan of a Facebook post. The most important factor is its usefulness. If an old post is compelling enough, it would still show up on people’s newsfeeds when people like or share it. That is why posting evergreen content is so crucial. Everyone likes interesting content. The more people like, share or comment on your post, the longer it will last in the recent newsfeed.

Post high quality content less frequently:

This is the age of content overload, and the most popular social media network is no exception. Facebook recently revealed that a person can see over 1,500 stories whenever they login on Facebook. But only about 300 of those stories appear on the newsfeed. This makes your job as a marketer even more difficult because now you are fighting against so many competitors for that one spot. There’s no need to spam Facebook with numerous posts every day. Rather choose to post only high quality content that will generate interest of the users.

Avoid posting at peak hours:

You have better chances of getting noticed when there are lesser posts. During the morning hours, the number of posts is higher. Since everyone will be posting something or the other, your posts may get lost in the barrage of other posts in the news feed. So, you need to choose a time when posting is done considerably less frequently. Experts consider 3 pm to be the best time of the day to post content on Facebook.

So these are just some of the tips that will get your business trending on Facebook. Try them and get ready to enjoy a better exposure on social media.

Author: Kevin Cook Austin.