When we talk about having relief from hot weather of Summer, most of us only thinks for an AC and a refrigerator. Yes, these electronics surely give you a needed relief from the heat, but this summer let’s break out traditional thinking and make this summer even better with some cool gadgets. Check this list of the “7 Cool Gadgets You Should Buy in this Summer” and be cool and easy.

1) Window Solar Charger

Yes, you read it right. Now the days are gone to use electrical ports or other USB devices to charge your smartphone. A more convenient and environment-friendly way to charge your smart device is invented. A window solar charger from XD design has a 1400mAh battery, which has the capacity to charge your cell phone for up to 60%. The charger can easily stick to your window to start capturing the sun energy. It comes with a USB output port which can be connected to any mobile phone cable. It has a lightweight and easy to carry design, which makes it a perfect travel companion.

2) USB Fan for Android Phones

No, I am not joking. There are sometimes when we stick somewhere with just our smartphone and a hot weather in summer. At this time, a USB Android Fan is a pretty cool device which can be used to beat the heat. It connects easily with your smartphones and even better, its blades are safe as well. It supports both microUSB and USB ports. You can select from different color variations to match with your phone.

3) USB LED Clock Fan

The next gadget is a USB LED Clock Fan. A flexible metal neck makes it easy to adjust. It can be set without any problems. A useful advantage is that the clock remembers the configuration settings even when you switch it off. It can also be gifted to your friends or colleagues.

4) Generic Mini PC USB Refrigerator

If you are a lazy person or you are at some place where you can’t get a cold drink to make you feel cool, then this amazing USB refrigerator from Generic is the thing you need. It comes as a plug and plays device, no drivers required. It requires no batteries and is powered through a USB port on your PC. It works with any computer system.

5) Solar Powered Fan Cap

Are you going to watch a race or a cricket game in burning heat? This solar powered fan cap will be your savior. It comes with a mini fan and two small solar panels. It gives a cooling effect to your head and face by directing a cool breeze towards your forehead. The fan does not need any batteries and recharges itself through the sunlight.

6) Reusable Stainless Steel Ice Cubes

Ice cubes of steel?? Yes, these reusable Ice cubes are made from pure stainless steel and thus do not change the taste of your drink. They take only a few minutes to cool your drink. You can use them in your home parties or when you are not having a full supply of ice cubes to serve drinks. You do not need to watering these stainless steel ice cubes like the ice cubes and they are pretty safe to use as they do not add anything to your drink or change the taste of it.

7) USB-enabled Sauna Boy Humidifier

This is a perfect humidifier which offers portability for the best travelling use. It has a compact and lightweight design. It is ideal for home, office or for every person who wants a convenience and portability. The Sauna Boy USB-enabled Humidifier has a water capacity of 60ml. it gives you relief from dryness from your air conditioner and is powered by a USB (A USB cable comes with it).

Summer has already come and you may have already planned to be in plenty of places. Not all of them could have the same conditions. It includes beaches, pub parties, weekend camping, and yes, unfortunately, office too. With these 7 cool gadgets, you can make every place fun and easy to live in these hot summer days. Go for them!