Having an external display is always useful for multitasking. If you have a research oriented job or if you are student you will find that an external display could come in handy’ you can work and type on your laptop while conduct research or any other activity on the external display. However, there are a few things in mind you should keep before purchasing an external display for your laptop or Mac Book. This article will list down some of the factors you need to consider before buying an external display.

  • Screen resolution: If you have made the decision to buy a second display it is best to get one with a high resolution. The higher the resolution the better it is. As a general tip LCDs works the best with at their highest setting so adjust accordingly.
  • Screen Size: This depends entirely on the preference of the person buying; some people prefer big screens while others are happier with a compact. The screen size also depends on the work space you have so choose accordingly or things can become quite haphazard.
  • LCD, LED or IPS: This again matters on your preference, budget and what kind of quality you are looking for. IPS technology is the newest in the technology available mostly used by Apple. Familiarize yourself with each of these and see what works best for you.
  • Brand: If you are looking to pair your external display with your laptop chose the display of the same brand to make things work better. For instance if you are a MacBook user, choose a display manufactured by Apple.
  • Budget: This is an extremely important factor. Some displays can be more expensive than others so it is best to first set a budget and then research which display fits in your budget.
  • Angle: The viewing angle is extremely important and so buy a display which has a wide angle. The wider the angle the better the image will be.
  • Brightness and Contrast ratio: These simply help determine the quality of your display so choose one which you find the most better.
  • Connectivity: It is always better to buy a display that has multiple connectivity options such as extra USB ports etc. The more options it has the more portable it will be along with having multiple uses.
  • Versatility: Many displays now have a built in stand and can be put up on walls or you can put them on tables. Moreover, many displays can now be turned and shifted at 360 degrees making it easier to change it according to your needs and comfort. It is usually recommended to buy a display that is more versatile in nature so as to get full use out of it.

So wrapping up the discussion, one needs to research thoroughly about the brands and the variety available in the market before making the final decision. Choose one that fits in your budget and one which you are most comfortable with because at the end of the day buying an external display is all about your comfort and ease.