Do you know at the time you sleep, your mind still scans and listens to the sounds near you? If the sound is loud, like a drop of a glass pot or an ambulance siren, it interrupts your sleep. Especially it makes a negative effect on your Newborns health if they don’t get healthy sleep with long naps. A sound machine for sleeping generates some kinds of soothing sound with a wide range of frequencies. These types of sounds help to mask the disturbing and unwanted surround sounds and give a healthy sleep to you and your infants. There are several types of sounds a good quality sound machine can generate. Check the list below:

White Noise

White noise sound is a similar type of sound a radio station or an analog TV generates when it stopped broadcasting. A human eye sees a white color when the colors of the visible light spectrum are combined, and from this, the White Noise name is derived (You can blend a blue, red, and green light together and you will see a white light). The white noise comes with equal energy to all the human sensitive sound frequencies. These types of sounds masked by a white noise and become less detectable.

Brown Noise

Compared to white noise, the brown noise comes as a soft quality sound. It sounds like a heavy rain or a waterfall. At lower frequencies, it has more energy. You can get a real feeling of it if you have a good quality sound system with a subwoofer. Today, it is one of the most popular sounds to help the babies sleep.

Blue and Violet Noise

The signal’s power of blue and white noises increases at the higher frequencies. This results in less bass and more treble in your sound machine. They create sounds like a sprinkler system or a garden hose which is spraying water. Although they are not very popular among the people, everyone has different choice and maybe you feel them awesome for your calming and resting.

Gray Noise

Gray noise sound has an equal loudness at all range of frequencies, means it provides equal energy at all frequencies. It sounds like a powerful waterfall. Yes, it’s true that a white noise is also having the same energy at all frequencies, the gray noise adjusts the energy level at each frequency to create a perception of being equal. It makes you feel calm and relax –or may create a perception like that.

Pink Noise

It is opposite to blue noise. The sound frequencies of a pink noise do not fall off as fast as with brown noise. So, as a result, it gives you a little more punch. It sounds like a biological system, a heartbeat rhythm, or a flicker noise.

You can try out all of the above sound types a best sound machine can generate and decide which suits you most. One thing for sure is, any sound type you choose, it will help you to mask surround noises and get a better and healthy sleep.