An Argan Oil is a rare and precious product for skin and hair treatment. It has been used by Moroccan women since ancient time for their beauty needs. Argan Oil is made from the fruits of an Argan Tree, which grows in the semi-desert area of Morocco. The fruits produced by Argan Oil are smaller in size than apricots.

Argan Oil has a number of nutrient benefits. They are best in skin and hair moisturizing options, acne treatment, hair regrowth, and many other skin related solutions. Let’s check the process of making an Argan Oil.

The Process

The Argan Oil is made from a very slow and manual process. The tree named as Argania Spinosa produces fruits, and from the kernel inside of such fruits, an Argan Oil is made. It is a nut-free product. The Moroccan women extract the oil from the kernel inside the Argania fruit in a hard and time-consuming process.

In the start of the spring season, Argan tree produces the fruits initially colored green. They are around 2cm (0.8) inches long in size. After some time, it turns into gold and falls from the tree. It is picked and then opened by the communal group. Pits are removed from the fruit and dried in the sun to remove the husks easily. Each pit is cracked by the Moroccan women in two stones with a hard process done by hands. The kernels crushed in a mortar and then ground in a paste by hand with a hand-grinding tool say Quern-stones. After squeezing the paste, the oil has been produced. The solid part is used as a feed to animal or as a soap. The oil is simply filtered to keep an argan nut scent or is double filtered to extract other additional elements. The double filtered Argan oil comes with no Argan nut smell. Today, most of the labor intensive tasks for extracting the oil are taken over by the mechanical presses, the much of the work is still done manually.

What an Argan Oil contains and what it can do?

An Argan Oil is full of Vitamin E, Vitamin A, fatty acids, and other antioxidants. It has unique features which make it extremely beneficial for many reasons. The ingredients help with chronic inflammation, have the ability to protect from skin cancer, can be anti-tumorigenic, and an effective hair and skin moisturizer. It helps best for Acne Treatment. An Argan Oil is more effective when used at nights. Check out more about Argan Oil, here.