We all know well about the Arduino – an open source platform based on the hardware and software which are easy-to-use. There are some blogs and sites where you can find information about the Arduino. So, not going much in that direction, today we will see the latest Arduino kit, ESOLV which said and is the new IoT (Internet of Things) kit. Arduino has made the hardware hacking easy like never before by designing such powerful kit.

What is ESLOV?

The ESLOV is an easy-to-use plug-n-play Arduino kit which helps in creating IoT devices. Simplified development process and building IoT gadgets without any prior knowledge of programming and hardware offered by this fantastic new kit. You just need to collect required hardware and then you can convert your mindful ideas into a live product with ESOLV’s intelligent modules!

ESOLV consists a total number of 25 modules including LEDs, buttons, microphones, servos, air quality sensors, and other useful components. By continuing to the core values of Ultimate Arduino Starter Kits, the hardware, and software of ESOLV are open-source which allows you to create your own modules.

What can you make with ESOLV?

Ranging from a simple monitor to look for your baby’s safety to a washing machine notifier which let you know that the laundry is finished, a fire alarm for your home to a thermostat which you can control while you are not in your house, any idea you have in mind and this kit will help you to bring it alive.

Its visual code editor will recognize each module automatically and displays it on your screen. You just need to connect modules according to your requirement and with the Arduino supported software, and then watch your project working live. With the Arduino Could, you can operate your device from any place even with your smartphone too. The user-friendly interfaces of the Arduino cloud will help you to easily interact with the LEDs, buttons, and other value fields. You can either use the Arduino Editor, other popular online editor or the desktop-based IDE to program the ESOLV hubs and modules.


The same basic system of multiple ATMEGA328P processors, a series of sensors with a WiFi hub which can be found in Arduino UNO, the ESOLV Arduino Kit will help you adding the IoT capabilities to almost every hardware you think of.