Whiteboard video is the best source of explanation in today’s technology trend. If you want to explain something about you, your business, or your product, then a whiteboard animation video might be a great concept to use. It is an excellent tool to share your thoughts and knowledge.

Whiteboard animation helps you to tell a story through video. You can use visual images, shapes, and voice overs which support your story and contributes to making an easier process of conveying your message. Today, we will see how you can make a best whiteboard animation video using the right resources.

How to make a whiteboard animation video?

There are two ways of doing it. Either to get help from a professional or to make it by your own. The first way provides excellent results because it is done by the experts, but also it is extremely expensive too. Sometimes the charges go beyond $500/hour. The experts may take several hours to complete your video, and this could make a big dent in your pocket. While doing it on your own requires some drawing skills to put on the display. It does not mean that you cannot create a whiteboard video if you don’t know drawing, but the professional one needs some styles and skills.

What you need:

  • Obviously a whiteboard,
  • A DSLR camera,
  • A whiteboard marker pen, and
  • An app like iMovie
  • Or all than this, just a right whiteboard animation software

Plan what you want to do; either you want to make only a text-based video or want to create a 15-minute long masterpiece, make a decision and then go ahead. Make everything setup; camera on a tripod, lamps at right positions, some covering for a perfect light and shadow, and securing the place for the whiteboard. Then turn the camera on and start drawing what you have sketched down before and committed to your memory. Don’t go in a hurry, took your time and you will inevitably create something fantastic that you didn’t expect from yourself!

On the other hand, if you do not want to make such own creative process, then just get the best whiteboard animation software online. It will allow you to create whiteboard video with pre-defined slides, shapes, characters, and also voice overs. You can add your own stuff to it, too. This may be expensive than making a video on your own, but you will get far better results.


Whiteboard animation video is the coolest tool to create an online visual content. You can get the help of an expert, create a video on your own with some needful accessories, or use a whiteboard animation software to create one. Make a cool whiteboard video which will help you to share your knowledge, drive traffic to your website, promote your business, and make something different than the traditional approach. Get drawing!